Tom is the Board President.  He has also served on the programming committee. He is a long time board member and has a long and loving relationship with Uganda.

Back in the day when he walked uphill to college both ways, Tom received a Bachelors’ in Social Science and a teaching certificate. He quickly parleyed that into a Masters of Computer Science (C I S). He has worked as a teacher, banker, computer guy, franchisee, and back to computer guy.

Tom has had a ton of opportunities to succeed and fail and has embraced both. I owned 3 businesses, have worked for 7 more, have helped build new businesses, and have shut the doors on a few as well.  I work well with others and know how to listen effectively.

My non-profit experience includes working with United Way, Make A Wish, Learning Ally, Rotary, Boy Scouts and the Diocese of Denver.

I have a wonderful family, a wife who has supported me emotionally and financially who is Chair of the Board and a Tax Partner at EideBailly. My oldest son is studying for the Priesthood at seminary in Rome. My younger son is the Class President in his Junior year at Xavier University.  So as you can see I have a lot to live up to.