Kristy Hitchings, Executive Director, Colorado. Kristy oversees operational planning and management, builds alliances, and serves as liaison between international staff and the board of directors. Before joining IYHA in September 2015, Kristy worked for six years in the international non-profit sector focusing on entrepreneurship opportunities through community leadership and education. She has led over 16 vocational training programs, assisted in the creation of a Master’s of Social Entrepreneurship Program, and monitored five nonprofit partners in education and health. While working on site in India, Kristy helped to develop and implement a two-year Master’s of Entrepreneur Program, a comprehensive program providing individuals with a step-by-step framework of how to open their own businesses from concept to implementation. Her feedback supported program rollout and module development in market research, leadership, business best practices, communication, and mentorship. Kristy was a guest speaker in the classroom on topics of communication technology, goal setting, business etiquette, and employee development.