IYHA believes success – and sustainability – come from working
with communities to develop and support local leaders. While many organizations
depend on an influx of foreign workers and investment, we know that communities
want to create value and improve their own circumstances – we help them start
that journey. 

Our commitment is to create and sustain positive economic change together, by galvanizing the resources and support they need to succeed, cultivating community’s sense of ownership over both programs and their own futures. We ensure that communities are able to sustain the relevant program aspects and their benefits, and, once our monitoring indicates that we have been successful and communities can move forward without the need for outside support, move on to replicate our programming in new regions.
Each region is considered its own ecosystem in which resources are shared, community participation is encouraged, exit strategies are developed, and impact is illustrated on a larger scale allowing communities, with IYHA support, to take a systems approach to poverty alleviation and ultimately bring about corresponding positive changes in education and economic self-sufficiency.
Each time a new community is introduced, IYHA methodically implements its proven, phased model:

We employ local leadership, long term investment, and bottom up approaches.

Our participants give knowledge, time, and resources back to the community.

We implement targeted programs tailored to rural Uganda where our experience, expertise, and passion lie.

Our programs are founded on the belief that intertwined education and enterprise creates positive lasting change.