Organizational Results

Since its inception, IYHA has successfully worked with local partners to send students to school, nurture local leaders, provide skills-based training, and facilitate sustainable enterprise projects as requested by the communities we serve. Through our proven model, IYHA offers an integrated set of innovative and practical programs designed to support education and enterprise, and consequently, sustainable community development. Impact highlights to date include:

  • Over 33,000 people impacted through education and enterprise support
  • 1,800 successful businesses launched
  • More than 1,100 students enabled to attend secondary, vocational or four-year universities
  • Over 400 women graduated through a female-led entrepreneurship training program
  • Over 3,300 community members trained in commercial agriculture
  • More than $2,209,338 raised to invest in improving the well being and future of children and families in our partner communities

Program Results - Education

Educating Girls

  • Since 2017 the number of girls in school has increase by 60%.

Increasing School Enrollment

  • Overall high school enrollment has increased by 48%.
  • Overall enrollment rates from primary school students transitioning to secondary school have increased by 41%.

Finding Employment

  • 100% of IYHA’s college graduates have secured permanent jobs.

Program Results - Entrepreneurship

Transferring Knowledge

  • On average, our female entrepreneurs increase their test scores by 39.4% throughout the business training section of the program
  • On average, our female graduates share what they have learned with 8 additional people

Increasing Sustainable Income

  • 53% of cooperative members began earning income from their new business within 10 months of starting the program
  • 55.6% of our female graduates increased their income within three to six months with an average salary increase of 55%

Generating Employment

  • 69.5% of our female graduates have launched a new business or expanded a current business within 6-9 months of completing the program
  • 69.6% of cooperative businesses 2 years and older have hired additional employees