Transforming lives through the transfer of knowledge

Our programs are focused on building Ugandan communities for long-term, sustainable success versus an organization with a “fly by” effort. IYHA programs begin with the vision of the community and are uniquely developed to address their specific needs. Our magic formula:  education and enterprise tied together and led from the inside-out results in local leaders.

We evaluate success based on observable changes within the family and community units. To date, IYHA has:

  • Impacted over 33,000 people across 70 villages
  • Helped launch over 1,475 small family businesses
  • Sent 608 children to secondary school or college
  • Started 7 secondary school businesses
  • Graduated over 320 women through a female-led entrepreneurship training program
  • Trained over 3,300 community members in commercial agriculture

annual 2016 report
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