College Education Training Program

The College Education Training programs aim to overcome high unemployment rates by providing an opportunity for hands on, skilled education that allows youth to compete in the job market or become job creators themselves. Ideally, these skills will allow youth to serve the needs of their local village once they graduate. 

Since its launch in 2016, CETP has had a 100% success rate

All students have secured permanent jobs, oftentimes being hired before graduation.

Program Need

We receive over 200 scholarship applications annually and are only able to fund 6% of them.

2019 Impact

First Year College Students
Second Year College Students

Education with a direct link to jobs and opportunity

IYHA identifies outstanding high school graduates, links them with partner vocational schools, and provides tuition support during their degree and internships, in which they apply their learnings and gain real-world experience. However, IYHA’s support extends well beyond the financial realm: to supplement students’ vocational education and ensure that CETP graduates are equipped with the full suite of skills required for success, IYHA provides additional support in the form of professional and personal development workshops on topics ranging from resume writing to goal setting and confidence-building. Moreover, IYHA closes the loop by facilitating post-graduation employment through one of two avenues: professional networking for job seekers and enterprise development for those wanting to start their own businesses.