Every day, across the world, we all make decisions, large and small that change our lives. In 2007, I decided to accept a call, literally, from Maria Galter (Camp) to attend a meeting in her living room, and from there the genesis of Into Your Hands-Africa began.

A year later, I decided to tag along to another gathering, this time with teachers at a secondary school in Makondo, Uganda, who had an idea of funding piglets as student enterprise project start-ups.

These small decisions have changed me forever in big ways. I feel linked to the people of rural Uganda. I share their values of family, education, work ethic, learning and dreaming. I hope to share their generosity of spirit, simple joy and hopefulness. I want to work with them, to know them, to help them achieve their dreams and raise their spirits when they fall low.

Into Your Hands-Africa, its staff, board, donors, volunteers and friends are the framework that holds up and enables those lofty goals and sometimes wispy dreams of mine.

And now, I have been called to become part of that stout framework again. So, I will be joining you, friends, as President of the IYH-A Board of Directors.

Sometimes, it feels like a small decision, but I know it has the power to change me forever.

Please join me in making a small decision or contribution on behalf of Into Your Hands-Africa this year and change your life as well.

Julie King, IYH-A Board of Directors