• unemployment rate

    Help Overcome High Unemployment Rates

    In Uganda, jobs in villages and employment in cities is scarce. As a response to this need, the Collegiate Education Program (CEP) was born. CEP aims at boosting vocational education as a means of overcoming high unemployment rates by providing an opportunity for hands on, skilled education that allows youth to compete in the job market or become job creators themselves. CEP features program support in: veterinary/agriculture, construction, mechanics, hotel management, carpentry and tailoring. The program encourages students to return to the village and serve their communities once they graduate.
    $5,200 donated of $11,990 goal
  • send a teacher to school

    Send a Teacher to School

    With 50% of the Ugandan population is under the age of 15, more elementary teachers are required. The Vocational College Technical Training (VCTT) program provides scholarships for teachers interested in elementary or early childhood education. VCTT combines classroom education, vocational training and internship opportunities to future teachers. Upon graduation, students are encouraged to return to their rural villages to support educational opportunities for young kids.          
    $2,800 donated of $5,600 goal
  • Life Skills Scholar

    Support a Life Skills Scholar

    The Life Skills Program supports disadvantaged youth between the ages of 12 and 17 with a focus on girls. Each student is provided with an opportunity to start her own business over the course of four years through professional development trainings and a livestock project. Program lessons include budgeting, goal setting, peer pressure and self-management, resume writing and the value of education. Businesses launched during the program allow students to dream for a brighter future while giving them the ability to self-fund their education.
    $28,520 donated of $57,000 goal