Providing 'hand-up' assistance for families to develop their own revenue streams through small- scale livestock and agricultural businesses.



Empowering women with the tools to attain economic self-sufficiency and food security.

Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Assisting youth and young adults in attaining a vocational or formal education.

Professional Growth

Professional Growth

Creating opportunities for communities to develop stronger ties among themselves while shifting individual farming practices from subsistence farming to commercial agriculture .

Why We Exist

Our communities are isolated. There are no support systems available to network, share resources or learn from. In the communities we serve, all needs fall on IYHA to review against the organization’s mission, capacity and strategic plan. These needs can be overwhelming. Other challenges we face include a shortage of skilled labor, lack of agricultural and veterinary expertise and the overall lack of economic opportunity and food security beyond our programming.

Why Our Programs Work


Our magic formula: education and enterprise tied together and led from the inside-out results in local change

family success

Our sole focus is rural Uganda. We evaluate success based on observable changes within the family and community units

life stock

Participants give back knowledge, time or livestock to those following behind them. By developing local legacy leaders, Ugandan to Ugandan, we create scalable programs that are internally lead.


Where other nonprofits focus on meeting basic needs of the individual; we encourage and measure self-sufficiency outside of ongoing financial support.

cda teach

We focus on root causes of community failure. We teach practical skills intertwined with sustainable enterprise projects requested by the communities we serve.

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