About IYHA

Our foundational belief is that education and enterprise are intertwined. Program success and sustainability cannot be found without the other. For 19 years Into Your Hands-Africa has been working with students, families and communities in rural midwestern Uganda, supporting community empowerment and economic sustainability through education and enterprise development. We send students to school, create local model leaders and teach practical skills intertwined with sustainable enterprise projects as requested by the communities we serve.

The idea of Into Your Hands Africa first began in 1999 through a relationship with St. Denis Secondary School in Makondo Uganda. The organization’s founding members kicked-off a fundraising project that supported the building an examination hall, thereby making St. Denis a nationally accredited secondary school. In 2007, IYHA became a formalized nonprofit organization and today the organization has reached over 30,000 people across 70 villages.  When education and enterprise are combined at the request of local communities, legacy leaders arise and lead from inside their communities.

Why We Exist
Our communities are isolated. There are no support systems available to network, share resources or learn from. In the communities we serve, all needs fall on IYHA to review against the organization’s mission, capacity and strategic plan. These needs can be overwhelming. Other challenges we face include a shortage of skilled labor, lack of agricultural and veterinary expertise and the overall lack of economic opportunity and food security beyond our programming.