Nassali Florence: A CDA Program Success Story

Nassali Florence is a mother of eight children in Kiboobi village, Kisekka sub-county. She grows bananas, coffee and seasonal crops and runs a piggery and poultry project, but had struggled to make them run a profit as wilt, drought and disease reduced her output. When she started attending IYHA workshops, she quickly began learning how to protect her crops and animals from these afflictions.

Within months of finishing her training, Florence had expanded her piggery from four pigs to nine, including two pregnant sows whom she expects bear twelve more piglets! Her poultry business now includes 100 new chicks (more than double what she started with). Thanks to her hard work implementing the lessons she learned with IYHA, she is now able to pay tuition for each of her eight children and provide for their future!

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