Interested to Learn How COVID-19 is Impacting Ugandan Schools? Meet Vincent Basajja St. James SS Board President

Following the outbreak of the COVID 19, the government of Uganda took a quick decision to close all learning institutions in the country, mainly to decongest and protect people from the spread of the corona virus. This was followed by additional measures that include a total ban on public and private transport, restricted movements and other preventive measures. Adjusting to the disruption of the normal school calendar has had a lot of implications to the learners, teachers and parents but entire communities. The cost of living has skyrocketed with poor families at the verge of lacking enough food and other day-to-day family needs.

On Wednesday last week, I was able to visit and speak to some students from St. James Secondary School. They were very worried and anxious about a wide range of issues including the fear that their parents/guardians will most likely be unable to get them tuition and other scholastic materials when the school reopens. Like many other learners living in a country with no access to e-learning, and being deep in a rural setting, they faced difficulties accessing reading/learning materials.  All this is in addition to everyone here being worried about this pandemic. Adhering to preventive measures in resource poor settings is a daunting challenge. Nonetheless, the Ugandan government and our development partners are doing all they can to support the masses. Together we can defeat this pandemic. -Written by Mr. Vincent Basajja, St. James Secondary School Board President

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