If we come together and raise $20,000 in revenue, we can invest in over these next 12 months; and in doing so, we can reach over 1,000 Ugandans.  


Your support will provide farmers with the knowledge and skills to expand their gardens and income – and increase the overall availability of diverse, nutritious food that they and their children can consume.

If the total goal is met, over 200 farmers will participate in 2021 and 2022. With five people per household on average, the program will benefit approximately 1,000 community members.  


Working together through our programs, farmers will also gain access to competitive markets and increased bargaining power. They will pool their resources to access lower prices for feeds, vaccinations, veterinary drugs, seeds, fertilizer, and equipment.  


What your gift helps provide:

  1.  Educational workshops
  2.  Exposure visits to demonstration farms and gardens
  3.  Small subsidies in livestock, mango, coffee, or vegetable plants, or business stipends. 
  4. Ongoing group mentorship


As program graduates complete the program, they become local agricultural and livestock experts, transitioning from participant to demonstration farmer and workshop facilitator, fostering local ownership and sustainability.  


200 Farmers. 1,000 People.

Come alongside a Ugandan farmer today!