Life Skills Is Shifting our Transitional Educational Programs (and we’re thrilled!)

As you may already be aware, we are in the process of piloting a new Life Skills program for secondary students in an effort to help them to self-fund their own education beyond high school.  The Life Skills Program combines a customized curriculum with exposure visits, a small-scale enterprise project, and ongoing mentorship over a period of three years.

Classroom time is spent helping students understand the importance of education and offering assistance to help them grow in the areas of self-management, self-disciple and character development.  As a part of this program, they will have the opportunity to learn viable skills such as working with a team, goal setting, understanding entrepreneurship and workable business ideas, record keeping, the importance of personal savings and career guidance.

Due to a generous grant sponsored by P, B and K Family Foundation we were able to support all twenty-two senior one students at St. James Secondary School access the Life Skills program.

This in and of itself is amazing, however once we tried out the first few lessons with outstanding results including:

  • Pre and post test assessment scores showed an overall knowledge increase of 47% through the goal setting lesson. Posttest scores showed that students were able to articulate the value of setting goals, define short and long term goals, and understood the process of setting realistic and attainable goals.  Upon workshop completion 100% of students were able to articulate both personal and career goals for their future.
  • Pre and posttest assessment scores showed a significant increase in the Defining Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Ideas, Skill Identification and Development Lesson. Post lesson results showed that 88% of students could articulate qualities of a successful entrepreneur and 84% could identify opportunities for income generation from local industries.  Finally, 81% could articulate the value of opening a pig rearing business as a mode of income generation.

We thought we might be onto something.

As a result, we wanted to expand the initial pilot to include senior two students at St. James Secondary School however we lacked the funding required to do so.  This is where you come in.

Due to a few special funders and your end of year gift, we were able to offer this program to all twenty-one senior two students, which mean that in less than three years, your support will have helped all of these children to dream bigger while sending them to college!  Initial feedback from this program has just begun however your impact includes:

  1. Project collaboration has been at an all-time high with school administration and parents participating in the Value of Education workshops. This NEVER happens!
  2. Similar programming has already been requested at alternative secondary schools by community leadership
  3. Six Life Skills personal and professional development lessons have already been completed
  4. 53% of participates are female
  5. Program Reach: 74 students (lesson workshops taught to all grades)

Through last year’s end of year gift, this is what you have helped to create.

This is your impact. Thank you for helping to leave a lasting imprint on Uganda.

Kristy Hitchings, Executive Director Into Your Hands Africa

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