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Colorado Gives Day is on Tuesday, December 10th!
On this day, generous supporters like yourself come together to support Colorado nonprofits through an end of year gift and we hope that you will think of us when making your giving decisions. This year, we are asking you to help us meet our goal of raising $40,000 between now and December 31st. Every dollar donated to Into Your Hands Africa will directly impact those living in rural Uganda through education and enterprise development.

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    The Life Skills Scholars Program combines education and entrepreneurship. Over the course of four years, a student learns how to self-fund his or her own education beyond IYHA’s financial support by starting a small business and learning a vocational trade in animal husbandry. Since launching the program in 2017, school enrollment has increased by 48% among senior-one through senior four grades. Female enrollment has increased by over 60%!

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    Donating your time is the same as donating your money. Join us as a volunteer.