Overcoming Poverty Through Education & Business Development

We empower children and families in rural Uganda to rise above the constraints of poverty through education and business development.

Education, Entrepreneurship, Empowered

Into Your Hands Africa is a US, Uganda-based nonprofit that invests in communities in need. Through education and entrepreneurship, communities in need become communities empowered.

Small Focus, Big Impact

Since 2007 we have maintained a small focus in order to achieve a big impact. We only fund the projects and regions where we know we can make a difference.

Ndagwe Subcounty

• 4 Parishes
• 118 Villages
• Pop. ~54,700

Kisseka Subcounty

• 8 Parishes
• 75 Villages
• Pop. ~44,000

0 %
$ 0
Average monthly household income
Average people per household

Together, We Can Change The Story From In Need To Empowered

Why We Invest

Our partner communities are isolated and lacking any support systems, have persistent, overwhelming needs: unemployment is an alarming 90%, survival largely depends on subsistence farming, average monthly household income of less than $50, and with an average of nine people per household, our community members typically live on less than 20 cents per day. Moreover, educational access and achievement are limited – 70% have only a primary school education, and, in an area of 8,000 people, there are 1,500 school-aged children not currently enrolled in school. Just 3% have education beyond the high school level, even for those who are able to complete high school, 80% of graduates remain unemployed after graduation. Other challenges include a shortage of skilled labor, lack of agricultural and veterinary expertise and the overall lack of economic opportunity and food security beyond our programming.

Over A Decade Of Results

Since its inception, IYHA has successfully worked with local partners to send students to school, nurture local leaders, provide skills-based training, and facilitate sustainable enterprise projects as requested by the communities we serve. Through our proven model, IYHA offers an integrated set of innovative and practical programs designed to support education and enterprise, and consequently, sustainable community development.

Successful Businesses Launched
Secondary & University Scholarships
Female Entrepreneurship Graduates
Commercial Agriculture Graduates