Our goal is to reach 1,111 people in 2021.  Our aim is to ensure they don’t slip back into extreme poverty.  

If 139 generous people come forward before the end of the year, you can be our partner in making a difference.

Colorado Gives Day is Tuesday, December 8th.


IYHA believes success – and sustainability – come from working with communities to develop and support local leaders. While many organizations depend on an influx of foreign workers and investment, we know that communities want to create value and improve their own circumstances – we help them start that journey.

Education is critical for interrupting the cycle of poverty, IYHA facilitates vocational and formal educations for motivated youth and adults. Through several complementary programs, IYHA furthers education through activities including educational scholarship dispersal, professional and personal development trainings, and the facilitation of real-world experience through internships and knowledge-sharing initiatives.

IYHA stimulates economic self-sufficiency through several programs that provide “hand-­‐up” assistance for families to develop their own revenue streams; empower women with the tools required for economic success; and create opportunities for communities to sustainably support themselves through advanced farming practices.


Are You...

A person who wants to make real change happen but doesn’t know how to help?

We are always looking for likeminded people interested in supporting our mission, join the movement and learning with us.  If this is you, learn more by clicking the below link. 

A business is seeking innovative ways to engage your teams and clients?

IYHA provides you numerous creative  opportunities to work with your employees including overseas volunteerism, at-home event based volunteerism, event sponsorships, IYHA coffee breaks, payroll giving and more!  Learn more by clicking the link below.

An organization seeking a partner?

Our peers’ wealth of experience and complementary skill-sets can often serve to strengthen our programs – and vice versa – and we consequently seek out opportunities for collaboration as appropriate.